2017 K.S.W.A. Year End Award Voting

Wrestler of the Year

KSWA Wrestler of the Year

Mitch Napier
Tommy Faime
Justin Sane
Dennis Gregory
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Tag Team of the Year

KSWA Tag Team of the Year

T- Rantula & The Jester
Harley T. Morris & Zak Hunter
Shane Starr & Kris Kash
Shawn Blanchard & Lou Martin
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Rookie of the Year

Rookie of the Year

Big Country Matt McGraw
The Cleveland Bruiser
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Manager of the Year

KSWA Manager of the Year

Mayor Mystery
David Marbell
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Most Popular Wrestler

KSWA Most Popular Wrestler of the Year

Kris Kash
Anthony Alexander
Mitch Napier
Shane Starr
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Most Hated Wrestler

KSWA Most Hated Wrestler of the Year

Dr. Devastation Lou Martin
Dennis Gregory
The King Del Douglas
Bobby Badfingers
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Match of the Year

KSWA Match of the Year

3/25/17 Alexander defeats Flash (Abby Tournament Finals
5/13/17 Blanchard defeats Kash, Starr & Martin (Brawl Bridge Fatal 4 Way Title Match)
7/22/17 Napier defeated BRO Hemoth (KSWA Title Match)
9/16/17 Jester defeated David Lawless
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Feud of the Year

KSWA Feud of the Year

Anthony Alexander vs Tommy Faime
Blanchard/Martin vs Kash/Starr
Justin Sane vs The King Del Douglas
T Rantula & Jester vs Mayor Mystery's Stable
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