Deaf Wrestlefest 2012 Event Results
April 29, 2012

  • Jason Cage and Jock Samson wrestled to a ten minute time limit draw.
  • Lou Marconi and Frank Stalletto (w/ Notorious Norm) defeated The Gambino Brothers.
  • Ryan Mitchell defeated Ashton Amherst.
  • Patrick Hayes defeated Trevor Lowe.
  • Preston Steele, Dennis Gregory and Johnny Mercury defeated Ali Kaida, Nasty Nick Crane and Sniper (w/ Mayor Mystery).
  • Gregory Iron defeated Bobby Shields.
  • Dynamite Dean defeated Terry Ring.
  • Shark Boy defeated J-Ru.
  • Zach Gowen defeated Jason Gory.
  • Bushwacker Luke and Justin Sane (w/ Joker) defeated The VIP's (w/ Frank Durso). Big Bully Busick was the guest referee

    Deaf Wrestlefest 2011 Event Results
    May 1, 2011

  • Dennis Gregory and Lou Marconi went to a ten minute time limit draw.
  • J-Ru defeated Johnny Mercury
  • Seymour Snott defeated Jimmy Jack Funk jr. (w/ Admir Al Akbar)
  • Justin Sane and Kris Kash defeated the VIP's (w/ Frank Durso)
  • Dash Bennett defeated Trailer Park Heat (w/ Stacy Hunter)
  • Zach Gowen defeated Jason Gory (w/ Vicki Gambino)
  • Tony Atlas, Shane Douglas and Dynamite Dean (w/ Dominic Denucci) defeated Sean Alexander, Bill Collier and Bobby Shields (w/ J-Ru).
  • Frank Stalettto (w/ Count Grog) defeated Patrick Hayes.
  • Damien Wayne defeated Scott Prodigy.
  • Jimii the High Flyin Hippie defeated Brittany Force (w/ Morgan Rockafellar).
  • Jon Burton defeated Crusher Hansen (w/ Shawn Patrick).
  • Doink the Clown defeated Nasty Nick Crane (w/ Mayor Mystery).

    Deaf Wrestlefest 2010 Event Results
    May 2, 2010

  • Crusher Hansen with BC Steele defeated Jason Cage
  • Joe Brooks defeated Scott Prodigy with Stacy Hunter
  • Angeldust & Jimmi The Hippie defeated Shawn Blaze and Britney Force
  • Dynamite Dean defeated Barry Ray Kohlhoff with PIV to win the Alabama State Heavyweight Title
  • The Blue Meanie defeated Sheriff Steele with Mayor Mystery
  • Jack Molson defeated Mr. Saturday Night
  • Stryder & "The Franchise" Shane Douglas with Dominic DeNucci defeated J-Ru & Bill Collier with Dr. Feelbad
  • David Sammartino & Larry Zbyszko defeated Lou Marconi & Frank Staletto with Count Grog by dq - Mick Foley was the special guest referee
  • Seymour Snott defeated Logan Hodge to retain the G.O.U.G.E. Heavyweight Title
  • The Bulldozer defeated Toby Cline to retain the U.C.W. Heavyweight Title
  • Patrick Hayes defeated Ashton Amherst with Morgan Rockafeller to retain the N.W.A. East Heavyweight Title
  • Bubba The Bulldog defeated Jon Burton
  • Kris Kash, Justin Sane & The Latin Assassin defeated "The Enforcer" Shawn Blanchard, "Dr. Devastation" Lou Martin & Anthony Alexander with Frank Durso

    Deaf Wrestlefest 2009 Event Results
    May 3, 2009

  • Jason Gory drew Justin Idol (10:00)
  • Private Twinkie defeated Eric Xtasy w/Krystal Frost
  • Powerhouse Hughes defeated Bill Collier
  • Patrick Hayes defeated Bobby Shields & Super Hentai in a Triple Threat Match
  • Kris Kash & Anthony Alexander defeated The V.I.P.'s - Shawn Blanchard & "Dr. Devastation" Lou Martin w/Frank Durso
  • Tennessee Ernie Nord & Seymour Snott defeated Devin Devine & Dash Bennett w/Stacy Hunter
  • Brutus the Barber Beefcake defeated King Kaluha w.Stacy Hunter via disq. (Stacy got her hair cut!)
  • The Gambinos Brothers (Marshall & Mickey) w/Vicki Gambino Defeated The Wrong Crowd (Brian Anthony & Paul Atlas) w/Curtis N. Stevenson
  • Dominic DeNucci, Cody Michaels & Shane Douglas w/Missy Hyatt defeated J.J. Dillon, Lou Marconi & Frank Staletto w/Count Grog
  • Deaf Wrestlefest Battle Royal won by J.T. Hogg
  • Sara Brooks & Hailey Hatred defeated Morgan Rockefellor & Brittany Force w/Stacy Hunter
  • C.J. Sensation won over Jimmy DeMarco & Apollyon
  • Sheriff Steele w/Mayor Mystery pinned Seth James
  • Leviathan pinned Wraith w/Johnny Demonic
  • Dennis Gregory pinned Crusher Hansen w/B.C. Steele
  • Dynamite Dean pinned Bubba the Bulldog w/Aaron Lester

    Deaf Wrestlefest 2002 Event Results
    April 21, 2002

    Deaf Wrestlefest 2001 Event Results
    April 29, 2001

    Deaf Wrestlefest 2000 Event Results
    April 12, 2000

    Deaf Wrestlefest 1999 Event Results
    April 18, 1999

  • Dynamite Dean won the Deaf Wrestlefest Battle Royal Deaf Wrestlefest Battle Royal
  • Robert Gibson defeated Tom Brandi (with Drew Lazario)
  • Slick Rick defeated Havoc
  • The Dope Show (Big Neil The Real Deal and Shirley Doe) (with The Black Widow and The Joker) defeated Bison and Powerhouse Hughes
  • Batman defeated Vladimir Vampyre (with Drew Lazario)
  • Awesome Arpin defeated Goonberg
  • The Player (with Drew Lazario) defeated Dennis Gregory
  • Cody Michaels defeated Preston Steele
  • Dynamite Dean defeated Nick Crane
  • Super Hentai defeated Vince Viper

    Deaf Wrestlefest 1998 Event Results

    Deaf Wrestlefest 1997 Event Results
    April 27, 1997

    Deaf Wrestlefest 1996 Event Results
    April 21, 1996

  • Benson Lee and Ninja Turtle defeated JB Destiny and Masahiro Panic
  • Paul Atlas defeated The Gravedigger
  • Randy and Sean Evans wrestled to a time-limit draw
  • Batman defeated The Shadow
  • Dynamite Dean won the Deaf Wrestlefest Battle Royal
  • Lord Zoltan, Psycho Mike and T. Rantula (with Notorious Norm and The Black Widow) defeated Cody Michaels, Dynamite Dean and Preston Steele
  • Stevie Richards and The Blue Meanie defeated Frank Stalletto and Lou Marconi
  • Koko B. Ware defeated The Iron Sheik

    Deaf Wrestlefest 1995 Event Results
    April 9, 1995

  • Lord Zoltan and Psycho Mike defeated The American Patriots (Preston Steele and TC Reynolds)
  • Futureshock defeated The Godfather (with Notorious Norm)
  • Super Mario defeated Frank Stalletto (with Notorious Norm)
  • The Juicer and Preston Steele defeated Black Cat and Lou Marconi
  • Demolition Ax defeated Big Bully Busick
  • T. Rantula (with The Black Widow) defeated Cactus Jack

    Deaf Wrestlefest 1994 Event Results